Industrial Park Certified

              As of this week Salina City’s Industrial Park is now a Certified Industrial Park in the State of Utah, meaning when a business is looking to relocate to Utah, the Salina Industrial Park is one of the first sites they get shown.

              “This isn’t just a new arrow in my quiver,” said Ross McClintock, Colliers Marketing Agent, “This is a bazooka! I mean, this is a huge thing for Salina’s Industrial Park.”

              The certification has taken over a year to complete and has been a cooperative effort between Salina City and the Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCU), with hard work from Ross McClintock, Mayor Jed Maxwell, Sevier County Commissioners, and Sevier County’s Economic Director Malcolm Nash.

              McClintock said the certification program required a “ridiculous amount of information” be reported to the EDCU but the result has already paid off.

              “Just this morning a data center called looking for information on our Industrial Park because they saw it on the state site and thought this would be a perfect fit for them,” he said. “I know what a new data center has done for Eagle Mountain, and wouldn’t that be an amazing fit here? We have the same fiber line running through here as they do up there.”

              Further research showed a substation in the park would be necessary to provide enough “juice” for the data center, so unfortunately, they won’t be relocating here right now, but McClintock said a $1.5 million Rocky Mountain Power substation would be a “nice thing to work on next” for the Industrial Park.

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Lora Fielding

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