The Beginning of the End For Soccer Boys

     Friday April 22 found the Gunnison Bulldogs prowling on the Wolves’ field for the last game of the season! In the first half the Bulldogs met with strong Wolf defense and strategy that they could get nothing past! The Wolves, however, were faced with the same problem and were not able to get any goals in, leaving the half time score 0-0.

     Four minutes into the second half the Wolves waivered and let a ball past them allowing Gunnison to put 1 point on the board.  It was another 40 minutes before the Bulldogs once again got another “close call” goal in, sadly leaving the game at a 2 -0 loss for the Wolves.   

     Friday April 29 found the Wolves again on their home field facing the South Sevier Rams for the third time, but this time in a play-off game. Nineteen minutes into the first half Junior Aiden Crane’s throw-in ended up in a bit of a tangle, but Junior Randy Elmer gained control of the ball and sent it to Senior Keaton Peterson who sent it across the front of the goal where it dropped just short, but Junior Seth Richins was in perfect position to slip it gently past the goalie giving the Wolves a 1 point lead which lasted to the end of the first half.

     In the thirteenth minute of the second half Seth Richins sent a pass to Randy Elmer who sent it back to Seth Richins who passed it high towards Keaton Peterson who headed the ball in making it a 2 – 0 lead which remained to the end of the game. This win was especially important for 2 reasons: This is the first playoff game North Sevier has ever won AND it was also Senior night. Seniors Jason Bernardino, Guy Huntsman, Shay Scott, and Keaton Peterson with Coaches Dustin Johnson, Mark Elmer and David Porras were given special thanks by fans and parents and afterwards a fabulous barbecue was enjoyed by all.

     Wednesday April 3, the North Sevier Wolves met for the third time with the Gunnison Bulldogs for their second play-off game in Gunnison. The first half played out as their previous Gunnison game with no goals from either time leaving the half time score 0-0.

     Sadly the second half played out nearly the same as well, but this time the Wolves allowed the Bulldogs 3 goals! The 3 – 0 loss for the Wolves dropped them from the opportunity to continue on to State Finals as well as ending their soccer season for 2022!

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