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          The Aurora Mayor and Councilmen met at the Aurora West Park last Monday evening to discuss recreation grand expenditures and needs.  The park has received some funding for upgrades to the trail head for the Paiute Trail System and there will be some dry camps installed, restrooms, upgrades to the pavilion, etc. The city encourages responsible use of the area and welcome “the right kind of people up there”.  They agreed that if the park was to have the Aurora City name on it, they’d like it to be clean, respectable, and well maintained.

          Following their park visit their regularly scheduled council meeting began with a visit from Greg Harwood and Kathy Maxwell who were granted their annual donation to the North Sevier Youth Court.

          Mayor Quarnberg thanked the two for their work with the local youth and highlighted Harwood for his work in the schools and the delicate balance he is able to maintain in his professional/personal relationship with the students.

          “Thank you for your work with the kids,” said Quarnberg. “It takes a special person to do your job and also to have a personal relationship with the kids.  It is truly, truly, great.”

          Mr. and Mrs. Sandberg from Sandy, Utah approached the council to discuss their home building plans for their recently purchased lot in Aurora City.  The lot is a little over .25 acres and they have requested a variance which will allow them to build their home that doesn’t quite meet the set back requirements. The couple has meet with planning and zoning, after some discussion it was agreed that the home will be beautiful and a welcome addition to the city, precisely the growth needed.

          Parker Vercimak updated the council on the culinary water project and said it has been “exciting” the past few weeks.  There have been some recent elevation issues and some of the valves had to be dug up and replaced, and the tank has had to be drained twice.  

          City Recorder Clint Johnson reported that the city’s annual Water Quality Report has been completed and will be sent to residents in their newsletter.  The mayor and council discussed other necessary components of the mailing which will include 4th of July plans, a reminder of what should and shouldn’t be flushed into the sewer system, clean updates, garbage rate increases, city cleanup dates, and the season’s water outlook.

          In other council business:

  • The town’s first annual Easter Egg hunt is scheduled for Monday, May 18 at the West Park.
  • Councilman Jim Harrison encouraged research on HB0242 which could potentially affect water meters.
  • Councilman Kelly Mason provided an update on the Recreation Department and said Director Riley Tidlund is doing a good job and the board is moving forward with plans for the new park, though it will take money and time.
  • Councilman Kent Mickelsen discussed animal control issues within the city, including a stray sheep and questions on the owners of a dog who was recently impounded.

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