The June 28, 2022 Primary Election is a political party election to determine political party candidates for the November General Election.  The deadline for changes to political party affiliation is March 31, 2022. 

              “That is an important deadline, and it is coming up,” said Barbara Crowther, Sevier County Elections.  “This deadline does not, however, impact new voters or voters who are not affiliated.”       

              Open political parties will let any registered voter vote in their Primary Election.  Open political parties include Democratic Party, Independent American Party, and United Utah Party.

              Closed political parties will let only members of their party vote in their Primary Election. Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, and Republican Party are closed political parties.

              If the political party you are affiliated with requires a Primary Election, you will automatically receive a ballot for that party.  You may only vote ONE political party ballot.

              You will not automatically receive a ballot if your political party does not require a Primary Election, or you are not affiliated with a political party. 

              All active registered voters will be able to vote in the November General Election regardless of whether a vote was cast in the June 28 primary election.

              “Right now, for Sevier County we know we will have a Republican Ballot because we have three Republicans running for County Commission Seat B,” said Crowther. “They have all gathered enough signatures to ensure their place on the ballot.”

              Currently there are seven candidates running for U.S. Senate in Utah for the Republican Party for the seat currently held by Mike Lee, including him, Becky Edwards, Evan Barlow, Loy Brunson, Jeremy Freidbaum, Laird Fetzer Hamblin, and Ally Isom.

              “What else we will see on the primary Republican Ballot in June will depend on what happens at the Republican Party’s State Convention, scheduled to be held on April 23,” said Crowther. “Whether or not a primary election for any of the other parties will be necessary also depends on what happens at their state conventions which will be held the end of April.”

              To register to vote or check/change political party affiliation, visit vote.utah.gov or sevierutah.net to get more information about elections or request a Primary Election ballot.

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