With over fifty athletes on the NSHS track team and limited numbers of available entrants to events, the team members went to two separate events this past weekend to ensure everyone was able to participate, so half competed in the Nyle Norris Invitational, held in Richfield, and the Crimson Cliffs Invitational in St. George.

“This last weekend was a great weekend for our kids,” said Coach Eric Mason. “There were a lot of great performances and PRs that happened. From throwing events to jumping, hurdles, and running. These kids never cease to amaze me. Alli Mason, Tate Goble, Clayton Duckworth, Karla McCoy, Ciara Anderson, Jacob Johnson, and Tate Goble improved their marks tremendously just to name a few.  As we half passed our midpoint in the season I look for the athletes to settle in to their events they are improving on and to keep getting better week after week. This team has so much potential, and I cannot wait to see how we look at the region and state meets next month!”

              In Richfield the NSHS Medley team placed 6th, and sophomore Jara Marsh placed 26th in the 100m hurdles with Judith Lauret 28th.  Keaton Rosquist placed 14th in the 110m hurdles with Braxton Macart 18th and freshmen Sadie Hallows 45th and Addie Quarnberg 46th in the open 100m and Bayden Hallows 50th and Jack Neuberger 51st. Freshman Gracey Lambertson placed 35th in the 1600m with Ayden Crane 30th, Raiden Johnson 41st, and Andrew Holt 44th  for the boys.

              The girls 4×100 team placed 9th and in the open 400m freshman Laynee Okerlund took 24th for the girls and Coy Shaw 17th for the boys. Braxton Macart took 13th in the 800m and Keaton Rosquist 31st in the 200m and 11th in the high jump finals.

              In St. George, the sprint medley teams both placed first, girls: Kinsee Saling, Swayzee Mason, Ciarra Anderson, and Karla McCoy and boys: Greyson Bennett, Kamden Saling, Ethan Fielding, and Keaton Hallows.  Freshman Cale Torgerson placed 15th in the 100m hurdles with Avery Smith coming in 20th, and Tate Goble 7th , Jacob Johnson 15th , and Jesse Aitken 25th for the boys 110m hurdles.

              Freshman Mylie Shaw placed 34th in the 100m, Kinsee Saling 39th, and Swayzee Mason 41st. Greyson Bennett took 15th in the 400m with Ethan Fielding 23rd and Cale Torgerson 9th in the 300m hurdles with Avery Smith 14th and Rilee Mason 29th.  Senior Tate Goble took 8th in the boys 300m hurdles with Jacob Johnson 13th and the girls 4×100 team took 7th and the boys 8th.  Goble also placed 12th in the 800m seeded section with Ciarra Anderson 4th in the 800 open and Jacob Johnson 5th in the 800m open.

              In the 200m Mylie Shaw placed 43rd and in the boys 200m Ethan Fielding 18th and Grayson Bennett 22nd.  Keaton Hallows placed 2nd overall in the 1600m seeded section and Karla McCoy 3rd and Brooklin Goble 8th in the 1600m open.  The girls 4×400 team placed 4th and the boys team 6th.

              Grayson Bennett took 8th in the long jump with Tate Goble 9th and Kamden Saling 16th, and Brooklin Goble took 5th overall in the girls discus with Paige Mason 31st.  Senior Cauy Williams took 11th in the javelin and 14th in the shot put with Dean Anderson 33rd.  Williams also placed 19th in the discus and Anderson 28th.

              The girls long jump saw Mylie Shaw in 23rd, Kinsee Saling 24th, Cale Torgerson 25th, and Ciarra Anderson 26th.  Junior Alli Mason placed 5th overall in the girls javelin and Sydney Bosh 23rd with Maureen Bloemerts 29th and Alyssa Rosquist 30th.  Alli Mason took first overall in the girls shot put with a 35-01 throw and Sydney Bosh took 14th and Alyssa Rosquist 24th and Paige Mason 26th.

“We are taking 33 athletes to the Grizzly Invitational this Saturday in Logan. It’s another big meet but feel it will push our kids and keep them on the cutting edge,” said Coach Mason.

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