Safety Hero Awards

              On Thursday, August 26 Workers Compensation presented three ‘Safety Hero Awards’ to three local Barney Trucking employees: Kade Mickelsen, weld shop, Diane Taylor, Lytx onboard camera system coordinator, and Dan Sorensen, Trucksmart outreach program.

              “This is a big deal,” said WCF representative Rustin Walker. “We’re fortunate to have this caliber of employees at Barney Trucking and are happy to honor each of them for their contributions to safety not only within their workplace but throughout the state.  These are the people who are doing things to keep others safe but hope not to be recognized for it.  It isn’t their primary task, but by taking care of people they have been nominated to represent the value of Barney Trucking.”

              Kade Mickelsen began his career with Barney Trucking as a driver in 2000.  After two years he transferred into the maintenance department as a mechanic, and upon proving himself as a top performer, he was asked to manage the service side of the shop where he earned the nickname “The Professor.”

              Now working in the weld shop, his ‘professor’ traits paid off as he has designed projects and redesigned existing components that have made it safter for the drivers and increased profitability for Barney Trucking; for example, he re-designed a gate that was much safer to operate and 300 pounds lighter which equates to safer/happier drivers and the ability to haul 300 more pounds of product.

              Kade and his wife Yvonne have been married thirty years and have three daughters and 1 grandson, plus one on the way.  He enjoys tinkering in his woodshop in his spare time.

              Diane Taylor joined Barney Trucking in 2018 and has wasted no time making a difference for the good; managers at the company consistently compliment her on her outstanding performance and work ethic. She is always wiling to help others and goes above and beyond in all she does.

              Diane’s role is to oversee the company’s Lytx services, an onboard camera system that utilizes machine vision and artificial intelligence to accurately detect risky and distracted driving behavior.  She oversees 341 drivers and 26 driver managers who operate out of ten various terminals for Barney Trucking.  She daily ensures the system is operating correctly and reviews each of the 297 camera system’s scorecards.  Information gathered there determines which driver manager she needs to spend time with and often assists them in their driver coaching efforts.

              Safety manager Craig Payne said Diane is extremely passionate about helping the drivers be the very best they can be.  Barney Trucking drivers log more than 38 million miles annually, and in doing so encounter all types of driving conditions and challenges.  Diane’s tireless efforts highly contribute to the company’s recent highway safety award presented to Barney Trucking by the Utah Trucking Association for highway safety. 

              Diane and her husband, Salina Police Chief Al Taylor, have been married 38 years and have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

              Dan Sorensen has been employed with Barney Trucking since 2010 and his positive vibe and constant smile are infectious. He is a trainer and team leader for the company, both of which were earned through his hard work and dedication.  He is highly involved in the Truck Smart program and regularly attends driver education courses in the area.  He arrives at the high school with his truck, trailer, and positive attitude and after some time spent in the classroom, students are invited to try out the drivers seat in Dan’s Barney Trucking semi and view their surroundings from a professional driver’s point of view. 

              Dan and his wife Amie have two daughters and is active in his community and church. In his spare time, he crafts small baseball bats in his workshop with his lathe which he gifts to his co-workers for use in checking the tires on their tractor-trailers.

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