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Redmond Town’s new Mayor, Kelly Johnson, received the Oath of Office Monday, January 3, 2022 at the town hall.  New Councilman Lyman Anderson was also sworn into office, as were re-elected council members Kami Christensen and Char Smith.

Redmond’s outgoing Mayor Myron Mickelsen said it was a good day for the town and he’s excited for the upcoming leadership and the opportunities and possibilities the future holds for the town.

“I do appreciate everyone who has signed up to serve our town and that you’re willing to do it,” said Mickelsen. “I do think serving in the community is necessary; oftentimes when we think of patriotism our minds are drawn to those who have served our county in wars and things of that nature, but I believe this is equal in importance.  As elected officials we have the duty to defend the constitution and the responsibility to maintain the integrity of our little community.”

Incoming Mayor Kelly Johnson said he’s looking forward to the challenge of serving as Mayor and he’s confident he has good people to work with. His goal as Mayor is to keep things in Redmond safe and happy.

He also said one of his focuses will be on the youth of the area, as that is the town’s future, and maintaining a strong youth council is a top priority.

Re-elected council member Kami Christensen said she’s lived in Redmond her entire life and she too, is looking forward to new challenges and will strive to maintain the values and traditions here.  Char Smith, another re-elected council member, also said she’s looking forward to serving and has loved her time as part of the Redmond Town Council.

Lyman Anderson, elected for a two-year councilmember term, said he believes everyone has a responsibility to take part in the community and to serve others, and he’s happy to be a part of the new council.

              The council’s first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 12, at which time a schedule for the upcoming year’s meetings will be made.

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