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By Carl Albrecht

December 1, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season! Thank you for letting me serve and represent you.
  • Email me about a policy that’s important to you, provide public comment during a committee meeting, or listen to floor time in person or online at le.utah.gov

Special Session

Last month, we were called into a special session to pass several important pieces of legislation. 

  1. Redistricting Maps- The primary purpose of the Special Session was to establish new CongressionalState SenateState House, and State School Board boundaries based on the population growth of the state. View the new maps by clicking the links above.  My District, Number 70 will change beginning in 2023.  District 70 will lose Grand and Emery Counties and a small piece of Sanpete.  It will include Piute, Beaver, and the City of Enoch.  Changes had to be made to preserve rural representation.
  2. Utah Tech- The Legislature passed legislation renaming Dixie State University to Utah Tech University. The new name fits the vision and mission of the university as it changes its aim to focus on technology and engineering. Additionally, in a way to respect the heritage of the university, we have designated the main campus as the “Dixie Campus”. We also funded a Heritage Committee to preserve the heritage, culture, and history of Utah’s Dixie. I voted against this bill.
  3. COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions- Allows an employee to receive an exemption to a workplace vaccine requirement for health, religious, or personal reasons. It also prohibits employers from taking “adverse action” against an employee or prospective employee who seeks an exemption. I supported this bill.
  4. Bail Reform- In follow up to the action we took in the general session, we passed sweeping bail reform legislation that will ease the state’s reliance on cash bail. I supported this bill.
  5. Financial Reporting Requirements- We passed a resolution denouncing the bank reporting requirements proposed by the Biden administration that would require banks to furnish the IRS with information about accounts that had yearly deposits or withdrawals totaling more than $600. I supported this Resolution.

The legislature also passed legislation to:

– Extend the period of time for the State Flag Task Force to present options for a new state flag.

– Adjust the 2022 election deadlines to align with dates and holidays so people have sufficient time to evaluate and select candidates.

– Limit the powers of the Intermountain Power Authority (IPA). I sponsored this bill in the House.

– Modify the unemployment insurance tax rate to reinforce our unemployment funds.

November Interim

Legislators met last month for the final Interim meetings of the year. Our interim committees have worked hard the past seven months studying key issues and preparing for the 45-day general session. Read the highlights here: https://le.utah.gov/interim/2021/pdf/00004148.pdf –

2022 General Session

We are busy preparing for the upcoming legislative session! In the meantime, please reach out about issues that are important to you!  The Session starts January 18th and runs through March 4th.

2021 Budget Surplus 

Utah’s 2021 fiscal year is ending stronger than anticipated. State leaders will have an additional $614 million to appropriate during the 2022 General Session. These funds are likely an anomaly due to federal stimulus money and economic volatility. The funds will be spent with careful emphasis on fiscal responsibility, including the use of one-time money on one-time costs such as investments in infrastructure and capital improvements and putting money into our Rainy Day Accounts and hopefully a tax cut, which I have a bill file on to cut Income taxes.


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As always, thank you for the opportunity to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives in the Utah Legislature.  It’s an honor to serve. Please contact me with any questions or concerns by calling or texting me at 435-979-6578 or by email at carlalbrecht@le.utah.gov.

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