Election Results for Redmond and Salina

Municipal Election unofficial results have been released for Redmond and Salina by Sevier County officials from the November 2, 2021 Election. In Redmond, out of the 405 Registered voters, 182 ballots were cast for a 44.94% voter turnout.  Kelly J. Johnson, running unopposed will fill the mayor seat and Lyman F. Anderson, also running unopposed, will fill the 2 -year council member position. For the two 4-year councilmember seat, Kami Christensen gained 151 votes and Char Smith 131.  Gary I. Carlisle 51.

              In Salina there were 1,281 registered voters with 567 total ballots cast for a total voter turnout of 44.26%. Jed Maxwell earned the Mayor seat with 344 votes to Pat M. Robins’ 223 votes.  Top two council seats will go to Kevin S. Mickelsen with 440 votes and Jon Kelly Maxwell with 330 votes.  Others on the ballot were Aaron Richards with 163 and Newell Hales with 149.

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Lora Fielding

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