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On Easter Sunday a vehicle was stolen from the Salina LDS Stake Center while church services were being conducted, then Wednesday evening another vehicle was stolen in Aurora and Thursday a trailer loaded with ATVs was stolen in Salina City. Early Friday morning, April 22, Utah County officers apprehended a suspect driving one of the vehicles and were able to take the former Salina resident into custody, though his name has not been released. His accomplice was able to slip away.

              According to Salina Police Chief Al Taylor, he saw the guy in town Wednesday night and knew him from several previous encounters, including another vehicle robbery in Aurora less than a month ago.

              “I had no probable cause, no reason to stop him, but I thought it was awfully suspicious to see him in town,” said Taylor. “He knew I saw him and when I attempted to get in a better position to follow him, he disappeared. Then early Friday morning the Provo Police Department contacted us saying they had him in custody with the two vehicles.”

              Taylor said the Salina PD was able to obtain neighborhood surveillance video showing a truck, with a consistent description as the one stolen from Aurora Wednesday night, pulling up to the trailer loaded with ATVs which was stolen, though the Provo Police Department have not released that information.

              “He’s a former Salina resident, so he knows this area well,” said Taylor. “It’s pretty brazen of him to steal a vehicle from the church parking lot while there are so many people going in and out, but we’re living in a different world now.  These past two years have been very difficult, and a lot of things have changed.”

              Taylor offered a word of caution to all local residents: Don’t leave your keys in your car!

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