70 Years of Love and Laughter: Rodney and Eunice Rasmussen Celebrate Diamond Anniversary

Salina, Utah – March 19, 2024 – Rodney Kirk and Eunice A. Peterson Rasmussen will celebrate a remarkable milestone – their 70th wedding anniversary. They were married in the Manti Temple on this day in 1954, embarking on a journey that would be filled with love, hard work, and a deep commitment to family and community.

Fateful encounter on Main Street:

Their story began in Richfield, where Rodney, a young man attending Branch Agricultural College in Cedar City, met Eunice, who worked as a seamstress at Pikes Manufacturing Company in Salt Lake City. On a weekend home from work and school, a chance encounter on “dragging main street” sparked a connection, and Rodney would travel to Salt Lake to court Eunice.

A simple start and a lifetime of love:

Rodney proposed at the Scipio-Aurora intersection. Eunice says, he just pulled over in the weeds because he thought it was a nice place to propose because you could see the lights of Salina.

Their reception was held in the Salina Creek Ward Cultural Hall because the Glenwood church was being remodeled. Eunice’s wedding dress cost $29 and she wore the same veil that her sisters had worn. Their honeymoon was a humble adventure to Fillmore, Utah, and then Las Vegas, with a budget of just $78.

Back then rooms were $7 a night and hamburgers were 15 cents. Gas was 25 cents a gallon. They then settled in Salina, renting a room from Rodney’s grandfather for $25 a month. Rodney was making $1.50 an hour and later that year he made Federal Wages of $2.25 an hour running the grader. He came home and said, “No man is worth that much money!”

Building a life and leaving a legacy:

Rodney built a successful construction company, now known as Rasmussen Excavation, and Eunice devoted herself to raising their four children: Kirk D. (Mitzie, deceased and LaRea), Kreig M. (Dixie), Kevin Ira (Stacie), and Sheila Kay (Troy) Manwill. Today, they are the proud grandparents of 23 grandchildren and 64 great-grandchildren.

Beyond family, a life of service:

Both Rodney and Eunice have dedicated themselves to their faith and community. Rodney served as Bishop of the Salina 2nd Ward, Elders Quorum President, and held other leadership roles in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They served as Manti Temple Ordinance Workers for eight years while concurrently volunteering as Family Home Evening Leaders at the Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison. They served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Adam-Ondi- Ahman, Missouri. During their mission they were called to be mission directors. Eunice served in various capacities within the church, including Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society presidencies. They also volunteer at Miss Mary’s Museum.

The secret to their success:

When asked about the secret to their long and happy marriage, Rodney and Eunice both emphasize the importance of unselfishness and prioritizing their relationship. They credit their strong work ethic and the nurturing home environment they built for their family as key ingredients in their successful union.

Celebrating a lifetime of love:

As Rodney and Eunice celebrate their 70th anniversary, their story serves as an inspiration to their family and community. Their unwavering commitment to each other, their dedication to their faith, and their willingness to serve others are testaments to the enduring power of love and family.

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