Two qualifying meets

North Sevier’s track team had two qualifying meets this past week, Tuesday at the Nyle Norris Invitational in Richfield and Saturday at the Desert Hills Invitational in St. George.   “Both the girls and boys teams performed very well at both meets.  We saw a few of the younger athletes set some impressive new personal records and even scored for the team,” said Coach Terron Barney. “The boys 4×400 team consisting of Ethan Fielding, Kelby Bosh, Keaton Hallows and Greyson Bennett qualified for state with a time of 3:45.97.  Keaton Hallows had a great meet St George and was able to qualify the 1600 and 3200 for the state meet.  I want to publicly thank the awesome coaches we have this year for all of their time and dedication they put into this awesome bunch of kids.  Assistant Coaches this year are Eric Mason, Curtis Ogden, Michelle Roberts, Max Asper, Riley Ogden and Ashlin Goble.”

              In Richfield the boys’ team took 6th and the girls’ 9th, combined 9th.  The girls’ sprint medley took 2nd and the boys’ team 3rd.   Avery Smith placed 15th in the 100m hurdles and Caleigh Nelson 20th.  Tate Goble placed 7th in the 110m hurdles with Jacob Johnson 26th.  In the 100m Caleb Madsen placed 17th, Greyson Bennett 21st, Kamden Saling 22nd and Ethan Fielding 27th.  

              The girls 4×100 took 7th and the boys’ 4th, and in the girls’ 400m freshman Karla McCoy placed 9th and Makiah Croft 20th.  Ethan Fielding took 6th in the boys’ 400m, Hannah Riggs 13th in the 300m hurdles, and Tate 7th in the boys’ 300m hurdles.

              Ciarra Anderson placed 11th in the girls 800m, Brooklyn Goble 18th, and sophomore Keaton Hallows placed 4th in the boys’ 800m.    Caleb Madsen placed 11th in the boys’ 200m, Blaine Anderson 17th, and Kamden Saling 18th.  The girls’ 4×400 team placed 4th as did the boys’ team.

              Tate Goble placed 5th in the boys’ long jump with Cauy Wiliams 11th, Kamden Saling 18th, and Blaine Anderson 19th.  Alli Mason took 10th in the event and Ciarra Anderson 16th.  Avery Smith placed 9th in the high jump, Bayden Hallows 31st in the javelin and Coy Shaw 32nd.  Alli Mason took 9th in the javelin with Alaina Barney 19th and Brooklyn Goble 21st.  Cauy Williams placed 11th in the shot put with Alli Mason 8th and Trishna Nielson 13th.  Williams also placed 19th in the discus.

The girls’ sprint medley placed third in St. George while the boys’ team placed first and Keaton Hallows took 14th in the 3200 with Avery Smith placing 22nd. She also took 16th in the 300m hurdles.   Junior Tate Goble took 8th in the 100m hurdles as well as 13th in the 300m hurdles, and freshman Ciarra Anderson 28th in the 400m.

              The girls’ 4×100 team placed 11th and the boys team 12th.  Kelby Bosh took 8th in the boys’ 800m, Coy Shaw 13th and Jacob Johnson 15th.  Sophomore Keaton Hallows placed 5th overall in the boys’ 1600m and Ciarra Anderson 10th and Brooklyn Goble 18th.

              The girls’ 4×400 team took 8th as did the boys’ 4×400 team.  Sophomore Blaine Anderson placed 21st in the shot, Cauy Williams 27th in the discus, and Alli Mason 25th in the javelin.

              This week the team will participate in the Cedar Invitational on Saturday, April 24th then the Old Capitol Invitational on Friday, April 30th.

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