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Pamela Hansen, one of Sevier School District’s Early Childhood Special Education Teachers, was awarded Utah’s Early Childhood Teacher of the Year award last Saturday at the 47th Annual Early Childhood Conference held at Weber State University. Her whole family surprised her at the event.

          This award is in honor of the exemplary early childhood teacher that acknowledges the whole child, brings best practices into the classroom on a daily basis, sees parents as partners, supports peers, and delights in the magic of a child’s discovery.

Hansen has worked for 30+ years in Sevier School District’s Preschools and the Early Childhood setting, and is truly amazing with children! She is able to reach children with disabilities in a way that is incredible to watch. She has made a positive impact on 1000s of students she’s worked with over the years. She always has a great attitude and looks for the best in her students and colleagues. She is a great mentor to new teachers and a wonderful role model for those she works with. She thinks outside of the box and creates individual learning activities to meet the needs of all learners. Her love for the children is evident in her work every day. Her students love coming to school and her philosophy of making school fun for everyone is contagious.

              Hansen is retiring this year and will be greatly missed – she is truly one of a kind!

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