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The Salina Utah Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints held their stake conference Sunday, January 30 at the Salina Stake Center.   During the Sunday General Session President Scott Wilkins presided with Counselor Brant Hallows conducting.  The Stake Choir provided musical numbers.            Hannah Shell and Brinley Johnson began as the meeting’s speakers, followed by Annette Edwards.  Edwards spoke on the influence grandparents have on their children. She extended several examples of grandparents’ privileges, including being an anchor in turbulent times, providing emotional support, establishing an appreciation of the past and a sense of history, and loving and sharing stability during life’s difficulties.

              Stake Patriarch Foote shared brief thoughts and echoed Edwards’ feelings on mature influences. He said he believes the youth of today are the most faithful, most valiant, and it is vital others help them reach their full potential.  Foote shared an example of a novice marathon runner and his struggle to cross the finish line, and compared both his life, and the life of his younger grandson, as their marathons- all are children of God in a mortal experience working towards their eternal home.

              President Wilkins was the concluding speaker and declared his witness that the prophet stands as a watchman on the tower, and he is certain that the apostles are under the tutelage of the Savoir.  He said Heavenly Father never makes mistakes and it is not possible for the prophet to get it wrong as he is as trustworthy as the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost’s loving kindness is always available, and we’d be wise to accept his counsel. 

              He spoke of many instances where through small means, great things were brought to pass, and that our being on earth suggests our initial trust in God and encouraged listeners to continue in that trust.  President Wilkins explained that God speaks through prophets, who speak the language of eternity, and while being obedient, we should withhold judgement on others who are on their own faith journey. He concluded by reiterating President Nelson’s teachings that all are encouraged to seek and recognize personal revelation and counseled all to fiercely follow God’s prophet.

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