Soccer Season Closing Fast

     Yes, soccer season is coming close to its end, but then so is school, so let’s get this third to the last week of games on your mind so you will be encouraged to support the last two weeks of games.

     Tuesday April 5 was the only home game this week against Parowan who sent a goal into the nets within the first 5 minutes of play and another one in about 8 minutes later. North Sevier was awarded a penalty kick 14 minutes after that goal and Junior Randy Elmer sent it into the nets for the Wolves. However, Parowan was able to score two more goals before the end of the half leaving the half time score at 4 to 1 in their favor.

     In the second half Parowan started strong and sent two more goals in within the first 6 minutes, but the Wolves were able to shut them down and not allow any more goals which left the game at a 6 to 1 loss for the Wolves.

     Thursday April 7 found the Wolves down south in San Juan. The game was pretty even for the first 25 minutes of play and then Randy Elmer took a shot from distance that went in over the goalie’s head scoring the first goal of the game. Two minutes before the end of the half Senior Shay Scott put another goal in the net leaving the half time score at 2 – 0 for the Wolves.

     Second half, a throw-in to Senior Guy Huntsman sent the ball up field to Junior Seth Richins who got it past San Juan’s goalie for the first goal of the second half.  Three minutes later Shay Scott connected with a pass, and he was able to send it into the goal followed by a goal from Randy Elmer over the goalie’s head again. Three minutes later Guy Huntsman sent a pass over to Randy Elmer who passed another goal in giving him a hat trick! (That’s 3 goals in 1 game for you less versed soccer readers!) Ten minutes later Shay Scott also scored his hat trick and the game ended with a 7 – 0 win for the Wolves!

     Friday April 8 the Wolves played a third game of the week in Millard. Nearly every 10 minutes Millard was able to put goals into the Wolves’ net leaving the half time score at 3 – 0 against the Wolves.

     The second half started out with Millard scoring another goal 3 minutes in, however Randy Elmer was able to counter with a goal over the goalie who had come too far out of his box.   Millard, however, sent 2 more goals in within 13 minutes and then the Wolves settled down and kept all balls out of their goal, but were not able to put any more through either, leaving the final score a 6 – 1 loss for the Wolves.

     We have 2 home games for you to come and support this week: Tuesday April 19 Diamond Ranch will be at North Sevier as will South Sevier on Thursday April 21. The away game will be in Beaver on Friday March 22 and the final game of the season will be Tuesday April 26, a home game against Gunnison. 

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