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Kenley Steck, the continuing education coordinator over economic development at Snow College, spoke to Salina Area Chamber of Commerce members at their regularly scheduled meeting held Thursday, June 2, 2022.  He said there have been some big changes to the continuing education department at the college and they’re dedicated to helping our community grow by providing “whatever is needed” as far as training. 

              “Whatever you need, we can provide,” he said. “Professional, personal, and workforce development courses seem to be in high demand, and we’re working on offering online classes in over 500 differing areas.  We adapt to survive. Many educators have a difficult time teaching online and some can’t adapt, but we find the ones that do.”

              He said he’s currently reaching out to find what the needs are in the area and would be interested in and said though the old model of hobby/interest/enjoyment classes will be continued, such as gardening, photography, or fitness, the focus is also shifting to build the community by providing pertinent classes to local business growth and development. 

              Kenley can be reached at 435-283-7326 or by email

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