Sevier County Sheriff’s Office Awards

              On Tuesday, January 24, 2023 the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office held its annual year end awards event. Those honored include:
Corrections deputy of the Year – Jim Brown

Civilian Employee of the Year – Melissa Fox (nurse)

DUI arrests – Sgt Aaron Richards and Victor Murdock (tied with 8 DUI arrests each)

Most Case numbers – Kody Wasden (460)

Most traffic stops – Woody Woodside (1,000+)

              Life Saving award- Dawna Arnold (Nurse), Melissa Fox (Nurse), LT Bryant Johnson, Sgt Chavis Curtis, Deputy Destinee Meacham, Deputy Kody Wasden, Sgt Mark Crane, Deputy Ben Cebrowski, Sgt Tamberleigh Lee. 

      ” These deputies were recognized for their involvement in an incident where an inmate had attempted to hang himself using a bed sheet. The nurses and deputies on duty assisted in the incident by providing medical care life saving measures to prevent the loss of life,” said Sheriff Nate Curtis.

              Life Saving award- Alonzo Jones (Nurse), Deputy David Williams, Deputy Cory Scott, Deputy Ben Cebrowski, Deputy Jordan Thompson, Sgt Tamberleigh Lee.

      ”These nurses and deputies were recognized for their attention to an inmate that was in booking and began to show signs of diminished health,” said Curtis. “Through their efforts and care provided the inmate was discovered to have a major brain bleed. Because of the attention they showed, the inmate was able to be taken to the hospital and transported to another hospital where his life was ultimately saved. If they had not been paying attention this individual would not be alive today.

              Life Saving award – Deputy Dan Demille.

              “Deputy Demille was recognized for his response to assist Salina Chief Al Taylor on a medical call in Salina. Deputy Demille and Chief Taylor began CPR when the subject was found to not have a pulse or be breathing. They were able to get a pulse back and the subject was able to be transported to the hospital for further care,” said Curtis.

              Medal of Merit – Deputy Travis Avery and Deputy David Larsen.

              “These deputies were recognized for their actions in an incident were they would have been justified in using deadly force and took extraordinary measures to prevent a volatile situation getting worse,” said Curtis. “They went to the address to do a welfare check on a subject. When they were at the door the subject came out the door pointing a rifle at them. They were able to get to cover and took extraordinary measures to preserve life. There were several children and an adult who was not involved who were at risk during this incident. The subject continued to be aggressive and advanced on the deputies with his rifle in hand. Ultimately the situation was resolved when less lethal force was used to take the subject into custody.”

              Challenge Coin – Deputy Sierra Mangum, Deputy Ben Cebrowski, Deputy Tucker Reynolds. This is given to deputies who finish their Jail Field Training Packet and complete their probation period.

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