Rodeo Royalty

2024 Salina Rodeo Queen contest was held on June 1 . this year Salina rodeo royalty will reign over  July 3rd and fourth independence Day rodeo in Salina. They will  represent the Salina riding  club and the Salina  Independence Day rodeo throughout the year at several rodeos events and parades . 

The 2024 Salina Rodeo Royalty:

Queen, Mesa Cartright daughter of  Travis and Stacie Cartright, 1st Attendant, Amber Gonzales, daughter of Marcus and Sarah Blood and Jeremy Gonzales 

Jr Queen, Brystol Blake, daughter of Chris and Heather Blake

Mini Queen, Morgan Reese daughter of Jeff and Marie Reese, 1st Attendant, Remington Stallions, daughter of Felipe and Ashley Stallions. 2nd Attendant, Austyn Wanlass, daughter of Rylie and Brittney Wanlass

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