Representative Albrecht’s Report

Report from Representative Carl Albrecht

District 70 February 10, 2023

Week 4 of the General Session

We’re officially halfway through the general session! I am excited to continue to work with my colleagues over the next three weeks to make a meaningful difference for Utah. You can follow along with us and stay up to date on legislation at

Safe, Reliable, and Affordable Energy

Utah’s all-of-the-above energy policy has powered decades of prosperity by providing some of the most reliable, affordable and dispatchable energy in the country. I’m committed to pushing back on federal regulatory overreach that threatens our ability to provide power to our state. I look forward to voting for the following bills, which strive to safeguard Utah’s ability to provide safe, reliable, and affordable power.

Thoughts and Prayers for Turkey and Syria

On Monday, the lives of millions were literally shaken as the largest earthquake in over a decade hit Turkey and Syria. With the death toll now over 20,000, we’ve heard countless stories of bravery and unwavering faith in the face of adversity. I’m inspired by their strength and send my thoughts and prayers to the people of Turkey and Syria.

Housing Affordability

Housing prices have skyrocketed in recent years, making the reality of buying a home out of reach for many Utahns. With help from the Utah Housing Affordability Commission, we’ve identified policies that reduce regulatory barriers at the local level, identify

tools that facilitate market-based solutions to our housing shortage, and support options to increase housing in rural Utah. Learn more about these policies at

Guiding Our Growth

Utah is the fastest-growing state in the nation. What makes our state great also makes it grow. How do we preserve what we love about our communities, even as Utah grows? Utah can remain a great place to live, but only if we plan for our future. We invite you to join in a statewide conversation about growth. Help guide Utah’s growth by sharing your opinions at

School Safety

With the tragic events that have occurred at both a National and State level over recent years, school safety has become a growing concern for many parents and students. The safety of our children is a top priority for us as legislators. You can learn more about what’s being done in the Legislature to protect our children by listening to the latest episode of our House podcast. For more information on these pieces of legislation, visit

My Bill Report

Over thirty more bills passed in the House this week! Many of my bills made great progress within the House and Senate Chambers. My bill HB 370 Utility Infrastructure Amendments passed in the House Public Utility Committee Friday and will be heard next on the House floor.

HB 150 Water Shortages Amendments passed the House and will be assigned to a Senate committee next week. My bills in the Senate are:

This week we wrapped up the last of the Appropriations Subcommittees, many of my appropriations requests ranking high on the priority list, including two in the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee and eight in the Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee. Some of these include one working with Utah State University on Agriculture and Small Business, and another working with Snow College on Rural Technological Outreach, as well as funding for the Grazing Improvement Program and the Veterinarian Education Loan Repayment Program.

I am meeting weekly with the Speaker of the House to discuss important issues relevant to Rural Utah in addition to

Co-Chairing the Rural Caucus each Friday. I also continue to attend the Rural Educators meeting on Thursdays to hear the concerns and needs of our Rural School Districts.

Rural Electric Leaders

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of addressing the student leaders of the Rural Electric Cooperatives. I spoke with them about the necessity of protecting our electric infrastructure from damage and threat across the state, particularly in Rural Utah. They participated in watching the floor debate in the House. I have confidence in their ability to lead and be engaged citizens of our state!

Utah Film Commission Award

Earlier this week I had the honor of meeting with the Utah Film Commission in the Capitol Board Room to be recognized alongside Senator Winterton and Representative Stratton for our support on last year’s SB 49 State Film Production Incentives Amendments that aims to attract film production to Rural Utah communities by providing tax credits after the production is completed. I was presented an “Oscar” for this. It has been beneficial to Rural Utah already.

North Sevier High School

Wednesday I met with the students from North Sevier High School along with Senator Owens and spoke to them about the work of a legislator. I am excited to welcome three of these students to work as Interns on the Hill with me and my Intern later this month!


Thursday I spoke with members of Southern Utah University’s Iron Leaders Academy with Representative Rex Shipp on the bills this session that will support the infrastructure and natural resources in our districts.

Snow College President McIff

Thursday was Snow College Day on the Hill, and I had the privilege of recognizing President Stacee McIff on the House floor.

She spoke with the House Majority Caucus on how the Legislature can work with Snow College to ensure that our higher education programs remain some of the best in the country!


As always, please contact my intern, Tabitha Anderson, with your comments, questions, and concerns. You can contact her by email at, or by call or text at (385)-420-3096. You may contact me at my email We value your opinions and appreciate your concerns for Rural Utah.

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