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April 1, 2023

The Utah Way Together 

At the start of this year’s legislative session, my colleagues and I outlined three policy pillars for our state: Stewardship of our natural resources, keeping life affordable, and investing in our future. Over the course of seven weeks, we worked together to pass meaningful legislation that will benefit individuals and families throughout the State. I am proud to say we accomplished our goals. You can learn more about these policies and how they will benefit you at


This past session, the Legislature passed the largest tax cut in State history, totaling $850 million in total tax reduction. These bills were signed by Governor Cox earlier this month and they will provide real relief to every Utahn.

Water Conservation

We have been blessed with very abundant precipitation and snowfall this winter. While I am grateful for the moisture we have received, it’s still important that we do our part to conserve this water for the future. We also need to do what we can to inject some of this surplus water back into our underground aquifers. During this past session, my colleagues and I passed several meaningful bills to aid in the conservation effort. Conservation saves water, and it can save you money! For more information about how you can conserve at home, go to

Flood Prevention

With increased spring rainfall comes an increased chance of flooding. Monitoring local risk of flooding can help minimize damage in the event of a worst-case scenario.  Go to to check your risk level and find some helpful flood preparedness resources. 

Protecting Our Youth

The rise of depression and mental illness in our children, teens and others in our society, over the recent years has given lawmakers great cause for concern. To help protect our future generation, this Legislature passed HB 311 and SB 152. You can learn more about these bills and what they mean for your family at

Stay Up to Date

Want to learn more about the specific policies that were passed during this previous session or current Utah events? Try listening to our House podcast! In the latest episode, Vice Chair of the Executive Appropriations Committee, Rep Robert Spendlove, gives an overview of the current state of Utah’s banking institutions. Listen at

Future Monthly Newsletters

I will provide brief reports to the public similar to this, beginning in April and proceeding through December of this year. Then again, starting with the 2024 Legislative Session, I will provide weekly reports as I have done in the past. I try to work hard and respond to my constituents on a timely basis.

Thank you for the honor to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives. Please contact me with questions, comments, or concerns at 435-979-6578 or

Carl R. Albrecht

Representative Utah House District 70

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