Redmond Town Grand Marshal

Max and Claudette Peterson, Redmond, are pleased to be honored as this year’s Pioneer Day Grand Marshals.  Max was born in Nevada but moved to Redmond when he was just two years old, a son of Nels and Hazel Peterson, with his three brothers and three sisters.  

Growing up he remembers hauling hay and grain, trimming and topping sugar beets, and attending local schools. Following graduation from NSHS he worked as a plumber and electrician for several years with his father and spent time as an employee of Valley Builders.  Max found long term employment at USG where he retired after 36 years of service with them, and he also worked the family farm.  He has six children: Carolyn, Carlos, Lorraine, Alan, Ann, and Mike.

              Claudette was raised in Monroe, a daughter of Claude and Ella Winget, having three sisters and four brothers. Following graduation from South Sevier High School, Claudette married and began raising a family which included her five children: Diana, Sherie, Kim, Sandra and Craig.

              Both Max and Claudette became widowed and found their second loves in each other after meeting through a mutual friend in 1896.  The couple married and began their lives together in Redmond and have lived happily there ever since, now celebrating thirty-five years of marriage together.

              Throughout the years both have been involved in the local schools with Claudette serving as a school lunch lady for 32 years in the Salina area schools and Max as a substitute teacher.

              “If you listen to the kids, they’ll learn you more than you learn them,” Max said fondly of his time with the students.

              The couple enjoy spending time with family and their great posterity now reaches almost 100 grand and great-grandchildren.

              “We love having family reunions and get togethers,” they said. “What a wonderful posterity we have that is filling the world. It’s great!”

              The two have enjoyed many activities together and Max especially loved riding horses and spending time in the mountains. He loves animals, except snakes, gophers, and spiders.

              Claudette and her girls have traveled together many times throughout the area, and she cherishes the time spent on these girl trips.  The girls have visited attractions such as Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, and toured Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, California, and others. 

              Both have also served the community in various positions including their church services.

              Max and Claudette feel it a great honor to be chosen as the Grand Marshals of Redmond’s 2021 Pioneer Day and express their love for the area and the great people they have become acquainted with.

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Lora Fielding

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