Redmond Grand Marshal

                                    Grand Marshals

Paul and Pauline Christensen have been selected to be this years Grand Marshals for the Redmond 24th Celebration.

Paul was born in Salina and grew up in Redmond, Pauline was born in Salina and grew up in Centerfield. They started dating in High School. The romance continued into college at Cedar City. They were married in 1966 and continued school. They both graduated with BS degrees from Utah State in 1969, Paul’s degree was in mechanical engineering and Pauline’s was in English Education. They then went to the University of New Mexico where Paul continued his education on a NSF Fellowship. Pauline worked to help support the family and the new baby, Julie.  Paul received a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1970, They then moved to Salt Lake where Paul got a job at Hercules as a Rocket Nozzle Analyst.

It wasn’t long until a second daughter, Annette, was born, Pauline stayed home for a few years but then took a job at The Broadway where she worked herself into the Personnel Manager position. Paul continued designing rocket motors and worked his way up to Engineering Manager. Pauline continued working as Personnel Manager for other companies and finally ended up at Stone Container. They both retired in 2002 and began to build their dream home in Redmond. Redmond wasn’t just his hometown but a good place to get to the Great Outdoors which they both loved.

Paul became a Town Council Member in 2004 and Mayor in 2006, a position he held for 12-years.

Pauline, being an avid quilter, started the 24th quilt show and continued to manage the show bi-annually. This year will be the 10th show.

Paul loved the mayor job primarily because it gave him the opportunity to meet and work with the great people of Redmond.

 Much was accomplished in those twelve years with the help of a great staff and great councils. Some of the improvements were: the Veteran’s Memorial, two major road rebuilds, new bowery, old town hall remodel, park improvements for better lighting and ADA accessibility, and several water and sewer system upgrades. Pauline says that Paul’s biggest improvement was raising the water pressure. Paul said the best decision he ever made was hiring Nancy and Rick, but we never want to forget the contributions of Carla and Dave.

Paul brags that he always operated within budget, got the town out of debt, and never raised taxes. If fact, the town portion of people’s property taxes decreased every year that he was in office.

Pauline served in many civic and church positions including relief society president and DUP captain.

Together they agreed that their greatest accomplishment was the family: two daughters, 6 grand kids, and seven great grand kids. They all get together often in vacations, holidays, and family dinners. The family grew from 2 daughters to currently 23 family members. This quote says it all: “Grandchildren just make you feel better when you are around them.  They’re sunshine for your soul and medicine for your mind.”

Paul kept his engineering license after retirement. He has helped a lot of local people with their business and home projects and several civic projects: most notably the North Sevier and Aurora Community Centers as well as community centers in Scipio and Mona.

They both continue to help with many town projects and hope to continue for the rest of their lives.

Since their retirement Paul and Pauline have traveled the world visiting 70 countries and all 50 states. They hope to continue traveling as long as their health allows. Paul said,” it’s been a great retirement”.   

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