Pedestrian/Bike path open in Salina

The Salina City bike path running from the car wash to Carl’s Jr. is now open and ready for public use.

              According to Mayor Jed Maxwell the path was a combined effort between UDOT and Salina City.  He said originally the city asked UDOT for help with a sidewalk running along the side of the road, but UDOT didn’t have the funds available for that type of project; however, they suggested a more economical paved bike trail and offered a $200,000 grant.  Salina City received a $150,000 outdoor recreation grant and pitched in an additional $50,000 from RPA funds to complete the funding.

              Rasmussen Excavating was the contractor on the project and the east side of the road was chosen for the path because Salina City sewer lines run along the west side- and Salina City is planning a sewer project and didn’t want to put down the path, then rip it up for the sewer project.

              “That is a dangerous stretch of road, and we have a lot of people walking to the north end of town along there,” said Mayor Maxwell. “Whether it’s going to work, heading up to Maverik or to get something to eat, there’s always people walking along there so it is a definite safety issue.  We’re grateful it’s complete and ready to use.”

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Lora Fielding

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