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Jorgen Mickelson, Salina, has been hired as the city’s new Maintenance Supervisor.  He is currently undergoing training and certification and will completely take the reins upon the retirement of current supervisor Brad Allen.  He has been employed at the Coal Mine for the past 17 years and is looking forward to this new challenge and opportunity. Jorgen will be certified in the city’s sewer and water systems and will be responsible for the general maintenance of the town.  He and his wife Anastasia have two children and enjoy hunting, fishing, and horseback riding.  Jorgen was formally introduced to the Salina Council at their meeting held Wednesday, February 23.

              The maintenance crew was praised by the mayor and council for their swift and effective snow removal after the last storm and issues relating to department uniforms were ironed out.

              The trash problem at the top of Main Street was a recurring issue brought up from previous meetings, and Police Chief Al Taylor said the problem is getting out of control.

              “I was hoping we wouldn’t have to do anything, that these kids would police themselves, but it’s too bad they’re continually trashing that whole area,” he said. “I would rather have the kids hang out up there than out in the boonies so we could get to them quickly if they needed us, but we’re going to have to do something.”

              More lighting, security cameras, and littering signs are in the works for installation and Taylor said it’s not just kids from this area that hang out up there, they’re from all over central and southern Utah.  The Mayor and Council worked with Taylor, and members of the maintenance crew, to provide solutions.

              Mayor Jed Maxwell asked each department head to review the current and upcoming year budgets and scheduled a meeting to work on the fiscal year budget for May 7.    

              Councilman Jon Maxwell reported on the North Sevier Recreation Department and said they’re working on getting more participation in the youth soccer program as their numbers are currently down.  The wrestling season recently ended and thanks in large part to Cade Hunter and his fellow coaches, many athletes participated, and the program is growing exponentially. 

              Maxwell reported that this will be the final year the baseball program will be participating in Babe Ruth and will instead go with UBBAS and UGSA programs. In addition, the weight room downstairs has been expanded and the handicap door fixed, but due to servicing issues, the elevator isn’t yet.

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