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Political signs have been popping up throughout the area this fall as all three North Sevier communities, Salina, Redmond, and Aurora, have municipal elections coming in November.

              In Aurora, the terms of Mayor Daven Quarnberg and councilmen Kelly Mason and James Harrison expire at the end of 2021, and the same officials have declared candidacy to run again.  Since all are running unopposed, it is not necessary for Aurora to hold an election this year.

              In Salina, Mayor Jed Maxwell and Councilmen Jon Maxwell and Newell Hales terms will expire at the end of 2021.  Candidates for Mayor in Salina on November’s ballot will be Jed Maxwell and Pat Robins.  Running for the two open council seats will be Aaron Richards, Jon Maxwell, Kevin Mickelsen, and Newell Hales.

              In Redmond, Mayor Myron Mickelsen’s term will expire at the end of 2021, and he has elected to not return.  Kelly Johnson has declared candidacy for Mayor and is running unopposed.  There are two four-year council member positions open at the end of the year and running for those two seats are Char Smith, Gary Garlisle, and Kami Christensen.  A two-year position is open for council member, and it will be filled by Lyman Anderson who is running unopposed.

              Information on candidates, if they have provided it, is available on  In next week edition of the Salina Sun each candidate has been invited to provide a photo and brief introduction of themselves and why they have chosen to run for local office.

              Ballots will be mailed the week of October 12 from Sevier County and can be returned by mail through November 1, 2021.  In addition, after the ballots have been mailed, 24-hour drop boxes will be located at the County Administration Building (250 North Main, Richfield) at the Monroe Community Center (220 S. 300 W., Monroe) and at the Salina EMS Building (488 N. 250 W., Salina) until 8:00 p.m. November 2, 2021.

              Indoor dop boxes will be open until 5:00 p.m. on November 2, 2021 at the Sevier County Administration Building in Richfield in room 100 and in the following city offices: Annabella, Elsinore, Glenwood, Monroe, Redmond, Richfield, and Salina.

              There will be polling locations on November 2, 2021 from 7 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Sevier County Fairgrounds and at the Salina EMS Building.

              For more information on elections, contact the county clerk’s office at 435-893-0401 or visit elections  ADA accommodations are available upon request. Also, REMEMBER TO SIGN THE ENVELOPE OR YOUR BALLOT CANNOT BE COUNTED.  

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