Miss Mary’s Museum Cleanup

Students of the NSHS Rho Kappa Club joined in an afternoon of service last week at the Miss Mary’s museum to clean up flower beds, weed, and other necessary yard work in preparation for spring visitors.

              Cauy Williams, President of the Club, said the project was designed to help get club members involved in serving others and to give back to the supportive community.

              Rho Kappa is the ‘honor society’ of social services and the local chapter is the only organized one in Utah. Club members participate heavily in school service opportunities such as share week and the Veteran’s Day program, and advisor Rod Hurd said they’re always looking for opportunities to help the students learn and grow though experiences such as visiting the legislature and attending local political party conventions.  

              Under Williams, Isabel Hallows serves as vice president, Avery Smith secretary, Makenna Lewis and Dillon Christensen membership.

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Lora Fielding

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