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Mid Utah Radio and CentraCom Channel 10 hosted a media day for 1A Central Utah football teams on Tuesday, August 3 and NSHS Coach Wyatt Mason and Seniors Nathan Snyder, Cauy Williams, Ryker Frischknecht, and Breken Mason discussed their expectations for the season and all expressed excitement for the return of Friday night lights!

According to Coach Mason six classifications were created for football this year instead of five, so 1A is where we were placed in the new UHSAA realignment for football. The only changes made overall to North Sevier’s opponents are that Beaver and Millard stayed in 2A while every other team was moved to 1A.

              “We are excited about the few changes that have been made though!” said Mason. “We return a lot of players this year as well as have had some new players come out and join our team this year that haven’t played in the past! We have 10 seniors this year backed by 20 juniors. Numbers have been going up and we want to continue the trend! Not many teams are expecting much from us this year, but as a team we are expecting big things from ourselves. We believe we have a great team and can’t wait to show everyone!”

              Seniors this year include Nathan Snyder, Cauy Williams, Ryker Frishchkect (all 3 captains), Blaise Lund, Breken Mason, Deagan Brazell, Drexton Olsen, Guy Huntsman, Avery Pettit, and Keaton Peterson.

              Snyder, full back and line back for North Sevier, said the team has put in a lot of hard work in the off season and he is looking forward to giving it his all.  The team was able to host a camp which included several of the teams the Wolves will play against in the upcoming season and preseason and Snyder said this gave them the opportunity to see how they looked against the competition.

              “We were able to see where we sit and to see what they had, and I think we’re ready,” he said.

              He also said he’s most looking forward to playing against Gunnison, Kanab, and Milford, and he wants the team to be known as the team who gives it their all, works together, and everyone does their job!

              Cauy Williams, receiver and tight end for the Wolves said his goal for the season is to lead in receiving yards and looks forward to being a semi-finalist team. On the off season the team has worked hard in the weight room, and he individually has worked on running routes and doing what he can to build team chemistry. He’s looking forward to the rivalry games, particularly Gunnison, and also Kanab and Milford, and says the Wolves are looking for revenge!  He mentioned looking up to Brooks and Burke Mickelsen, as well as Ben Chamberlain, who were fast, competitive, amazing athletes that he patterns his game from.  Friday night lights can’t come quick enough for him!

              Ryker Frischknecht, who plays quarterback and defensive end, said he’s also worked hard on the off season and his goal is to leave the program better than they found it.  His goals for the team this year include keeping their heads and working together as a team.  He said playing against Gunnison has been “circled on the calendar since sixth grade” for him and he models his game after his mentor Taylor Crane, who took him under his wing freshman year and taught him the ropes.

              Breken Mason, North Sevier’s running back and receiver, said he’s planning to play a lot smarter than he did last year and can’t wait for the Wolves to be playing in the final four.  He stated that if he does his job on the field it makes it easier for his team to function as they should, and that’s the most important thing.  He’s excited for the Wolves’ homecoming game against Milford and wants his football team to be known as the team who knows their plays and are a tough game. He is anticipating “hitting someone” during Friday night lights.

              Coach Mason said he appreciates the team captains’ willingness to play hard and acknowledges they have high expectations for this upcoming season.  The early season coaches’ poll for Mid Utah Radio has North Sevier tied for 5th in the south region with Gunnison, and this region is by far the harder region compared to the north region.

Their first pre-season game is Friday, August 13 in South Sevier then they’ll host Richfield on the 20th and travel to North Summit on the 27th. When asked how him being a member of a championship football team from his high school years affected his coaching, he said he doesn’t necessarily “harp on that as he’s not a braggy person” but acknowledges that it does bring a level of respect from his players to the coaching staff as there are several others from his high school championship team on his staff.  He also said he hopes the players recognize that his staff knows what it takes to be a championship team, and that it motivates them.  Coaches this year include Riley Tidlund, Dave Bailey, Rob Karen, Greg Hammond, Bobby Robins, Kendall Sorenson, Ryan Higgs, Kasey Anderson, Danny Nelson, and Shaun Vought.  

“Participation has gone up in the program and people want to be a part of what we’re building,” he said. “Our record last year was 3-8, but if you look closely at the score, there were a lot of heart-breaking losses, and we’re looking to tip the scale and be on the other side of things this season.”

              He said he appreciates the team’s competitiveness and though they’re rated last in the coaching polls he knows the underdog identity will help the team play with a chip on their shoulders and prove the pools wrong.  Bring on Friday night lights!!!

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