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Hello, Salina Citizens

My name is Jed Maxwell. I am currently running for RE-Election for Salina City Mayor. I was born and raised here in Salina. I attended North Sevier School from elementary all the way through Graduation from North Sevier High School. 21 years ago, I married Melissa Thornton Maxwell. Together we have 2 Kids My Daughter Skyly Maxwell and a son Riken Maxwell. Together we enjoy Boating, Camping, Hunting and UTV Riding. I have currently been serving as Salina City Mayor for the last 4 years. It has been A honor to Serve our community as the Mayor of Salina City. I started out serving the City of Salina as a member of planning and zoning. After a few years I was elected to the City Council where I served 8 years or 2 terms. In 2017 I was elected to the Mayor position where I’m currently serving a 4-year term. Over the past 14 years in different City government rolls I have come to learn a lot about City Government and how it operates. Now knowing the in’s and outs we have been able to apply and receive a lot of grant funds to help improve Salina City. Over the past 4 years as Mayor and our City Council we have been able to achieve the following:

#1: Renovate the City Pool

#2: Acquire a Grant/Loan to replace the City Hall, Library, justice court & Police station.

#3 Acquire a Grant/Loan to Purchase 2 new fire trucks.

#4 Grant to remodel the Blackhawk Arena interior.

#5 Grant to create a bike / walking path from 300 North S State to Businesses on South State

#6 Grant to resurface the Salina / Gunnison Airport runway.

#7 Grant from Seven County of Infrastructure for the Salina industrial Park. Information to attract new Businesses.

#8 Purchase Ground for new in town City Park Through Par Tax from North Sevier Rec Department.

#9 Upgrade old Christmas decorations down main street.

#10 Purchase the easement that went through City park and Irrigation Pond property allowing Salina City full ownership of both properties.

#11 Purchase sewer pond property after 40 years.

#12 Upgrade worn out maintenance equipment with tools and machinery needed.

#13 Grant to purchase all the new trees at the new city park.

#14 Attracted Several new Businesses and several more coming.

#15 Hired a Real Estate Firm and Have Been Summitting Several EDCU & RFI Proposals for New Businesses to come to Salina.

These are Just a few of the accomplishments made in the last 3 ½ years. Imagine what we can achieve over the next 4.

I hope all the work we have accomplished over the past 4 years will show you the determination I have to keep getting Salina City the things it Needs and Deserves. With your Vote we can keep the Focus on Salina’s Future. Please RE-ELECT JED Maxwell for Salina City Mayor.

Pat Robins

How fortunate we are to live in a free country, where individuals can volunteer to represent the citizens of our community, if we so desire, by casting our vote. I am Pat Robins, one of those forementioned and would like to serve the city of Salina as your next Mayor.

I was born and raised in Salina. I attended Salina Elementary, North Sevier High School, was active in athletics, chosen as football captain, wrestling captain and letterman’s club president, and served as School Photographer and FFA President.  I later attended Snow College and participated on their Collegiate Livestock judging team.

In 1978 I married my wife, Terri Krueger, and started our lives here in Salina. We have six children, three girls and three boys. I’ve served on the Salina Fire Department and then as an E.M.T. on the ambulance. Later, I worked as a millwright building a power plant in the western states, then I was hired at the Coastal States Energy Sufco Mine. Later we were transferred to the Skyline Mine where we moved to Payson Utah for 14 years.

I became self-employed in 1991, owning and operating Robins Photography. I had the privilege of serving as a director on the Board of the Intermountain Professional Photographers of America. In 2000 “my roots tugged a little too hard”, as my kids would say, and I moved our studio and family back to Salina.

I believe it’s the people that make a city great, and we have the greatest living in Salina. I have seen volunteers that work for the youth programs contribute endless hours! Citizens banding together fundraising to build programs, even refurbishing our swimming pool. Banquets to help those in need, youth group projects, balloon festivals, car shows, 4th of July celebrations and the list goes on. All this because of the people that live here in this great community that give endless service. That is something I hope to encourage and continually enrich as mayor.

 As mayor, I promise to serve you as citizens the same service. With new growth opportunities on the horizon, Salina has a few major projects that need immediate attention. Growth is good for our tax base and provides the citizens with great improvement to their community, if funds are handled correctly. I have no agenda to benefit me personally only the satisfaction of seeing our community prosper.   We, as taxpayers, deserve to have a voice in where those funds should be spent. Understandably, some funds that are allocated to the city must go toward specific projects. After the sewer project is complete, I would like to see sidewalks and curb installed and our roads repaired.  Nothing attracts good business-like wonderful people living in a well-groomed city. I’ve always taken pride in our community and hope to continue that rich tradition among the Salina residents. I hope to represent and support those who serve and work hard for this community. How lucky we are to make this valley a home for our families and businesses.

I chose “People. Community. Service” for my campaign slogan because that is what I think makes a great place to live.

May God bless the North Sevier area, our city of Salina, and all the residents that live here.

                                                             Pat Robins

                                                             Candidate for Salina City Mayor

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