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The contents of storage unit No. Yard 7 and #130 of North Sevier Storage 1275 North Hwy 89, Salina, UT rented by Cheyenne or Shiann Mortensen, Aurora, will be sold by sealed bid on July 6, 2023.  Those interested in submitting a bid may do so by mail to NS Storage PO Box 389 Salina, UT 84654 before that date. Contents of unit include kids toys, blankets, yard tools, chairs, dressers, misc small furniture, weight bench, bike, other household items.  Yard storage includes Coachman Catalina ultra-light camp trailer.

Published in the Salina Sun June 14 and 21, 2023

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN-that Aurora City had four (4) candidates file for the office of City Council Member during the recent candidate filing period.  There are three (3) City Council positions open to be filled for a four-year term.  Because of the retirement of Congressman Chris Stewart, the Legislature and Governor Cox have changed the date of the final election to Tuesday November 21, 2023.  There will be no need for a primary election in Aurora City.  This will also be a by-mail election.  Sevier County will mail out ballots 28 days prior to November 21st that can be mailed back to Sevier County, or a ballot box will be located at the Aurora City Offices at 20 S. 120 E.

The Candidates for Aurora City Council are:

Nancy Kennedy

Parker Vercimak

Bryan Sprague

Hal Jensen

Published in the Salina Sun June 14 and 21, 2023



PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Salina City Council will be holding a public hearing on June 28, 2023, at 6:50 p.m. at Salina City Hall located at 90 West Main, Salina, Utah. The purpose of the hearing is to accept comments on the 2023-2024 budget and certified tax rate for Salina City, and compensation of statutory officers of Salina City for 2023-2024.  A copy of the proposed budget, certified tax rate, and compensation ordinance is available for public inspection at the Salina City Hall.

The 2022-2023 budget will also be opened and amended by resolution to increase the General Fund and Enterprise Funds expenditure and revenue budgets by department and line item. Capital projects and debt service budgets may also be adopted or amended.

In accordance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing special assistance to attend or understand this meeting may have reasonable accommodations made for them by calling Ashlee Larsen at (435) 529-7304 at least two (2) days prior to the meeting.

/s/ Ashlee Larsen, Salina City Recorder

Published in the Salina Sun June 14 and21, 2023.

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