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The contents of Storage Unit #228 of North Sevier Self Storage, 1275 North Hwy 89, Rented by Shaune Baddley 1400 South State, Salina, will be sold by sealed bid August 26, 2022.  Those interested in submitting a bid may do so by mail to NS Storage PO box 389, Salina, UT 84654 before that date.

Published in the Salina Sun August 10 and 17, 2022



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN- Salina City Council is accepting applications to fill a vacancy on their City Council. The seat is being vacated by Council Member Cade Hunter who has moved. The Council will accept applications to fill Mr. Hunter’s seat for the remaining 16 months of his term, which expires on December 31, 2023.  Interested parties will need to be 1- A United States citizen, 2- A legal resident of Salina City for the past 12 months, 3- A registered voter. Interested individuals may submit their name to the Salina City Council for consideration. Names must be submitted before Tuesday August 23, 2022 at 5:30 pm. Submitted names can be dropped off along with a letter stating your desire to be a City Council Member to Ashlee Larsen at the Salina City Offices located at 90 West Main in Salina UT.

Names may also be submitted through the USPS but must arrive before August 23, 5:30 pm.  No applications will be accepted via email.

The Salina City Council will follow the Utah State Code for filling vacancies, in municipal offices (20A-1-510). The City Council will review the applications at their regular meeting held on August 24, 2022. Depending upon the number of applications, the City Council will hold discussions with candidates during an open meeting portion of City Council Meeting. The City Council will determine their top two candidates and then hold another meeting at a later date to fill the position.

Ashlee Larsen,

Salina City Recorder

Published on the Utah Public Notice Website, Salina City office and Salina City Website ( and Salina Sun August 10 & 17, 2022.

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