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The North Sevier Jr. High Wrestling team competed at the 1A-4A State tournament this past weekend at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield. Twelve boys competed in their different weight classes. The team battled through some tough matches both Friday and Saturday and of those 12 boys that competed, 8 of them were fortunate to get on the awards podium.

              In the Middle School Division (4th-6th Grade), Max Knight took 6th place at 86 lbs, and Jacob Brown took 3rd place at 126 lbs. In the Jr High Division (7th-9th grade), Tate Torgerson took 3rd place at 75 lbs, Jeremy Lengas took 4th place at 93 lbs, Max McKinlay took 5th place at 93 lbs, Nash Nielsen took 3rd place at 96 lbs, Trapper Roberts took 6th place at 100 lbs, and Landon Nielson took 5th place at 132 lbs.   

              “We are proud of our entire team. We have 22 boys on the team this year and we are grateful the program is continuing to grow each year,” said Dave Torgerson, NS Jr. High Head Coach. “The last couple of years have been tough with all the sickness going around, including this year, and especially the last couple weeks. It’s hit many of our teammates and their families. Some boys haven’t been able to attend all the tournaments and practices like they have wanted to, but we have been taking all the precautions and have pushed through and do the best we can at those times.”

              Torgerson said he is grateful for the opportunity he has to coach these boys. They are all incredible young men, and they all have bright futures ahead of them. They will all accomplish big things in the coming years as they set goals and work hard toward them.

              “I hope I have made a great impact on these boys’ lives, because they have made a great impact on mine. It’s rewarding to see them push themselves and set goals, work hard and complete them. Wrestlers compete as individuals, yet the sport builds comradery like no other. Friendships among teammates are for life. It’s been a great season; the boys have worked hard and will continue to until the end of the season this year,” he said.

              He also expressed thanks to his assistant coaches, Cade Hunter, Josh Chapman, Jesse Nielsen, Barry Smith and Spencer Brown. Without these coaches dedicating their time to the program, all of this would not be possible. 

Top row L-R: Max McKinlay, Nash Nielsen, Cru Chapman, Nolyn Huntsman, Landon Nielson, Jacob Brown, Jeremy Lengas, Max Knight.   Bottom Row L-R: Tate Torgerson, Trapper Roberts, Bo Chapman, John Hunter, Perrin Sutcliffe. (Not Pictured: Brayden Williams, Cash Crane, Cooper Crane, Xander Johnson, Wyatt Fullmer, Tyler McCoy, Trinndn Simpson, Tanner Thurston, Frank James.)

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