North Sevier football lost a rough homecoming game Friday night against Milford with a final 15-18 score. North Sevier started out strong, playing well throughout the first quarter; with 6 minutes left in the first Kyson Bosshardt made huge interception in the end zone to thwart Milford’s TD, leaving the first quarter scoreless for both teams.  Just seconds into the second, Kannin Boswell scored for North Sevier on a 5-yard run and Ryker Frischknecht followed up with a TD on a 43-yard run, putting the Wolves up 15-0 at the half. Starting the second half without an injured Senior Breken Mason, the Tigers scored their first points but a fumble recovery by Tyler Foote and an interception by Kannin Boswell gave the Wolves a much-needed boost to end the third quarter.  A joint tackle by Tyler Foote and Kyson Bosshardt in Milford’s end zone stopped another Milford score, and a huge interception by Senior Drexton Olsen with 5 minutes left in the game put North Sevier in better field position as did a significant QB sack. North Sevier’s Kayden Johnson was injured in the game but was able to walk off, and Milford scored again with just minutes left in the game to tie it up at 15.               The Tigers then nailed a 38-yard field goal with just seconds left in the penalty heavy game to give them their first lead of the night.  The Wolves were able to kick a field goal of their own with one second remaining, but the 53-yard distance was inches too far for the Wolves’ kicker Keaton Peterson.

              “It was a tough game to come up short on, but sometimes a loss isn’t the worst thing. Sometimes a loss reaffirms everyone’s commitment and helps us to figure out what we need to work on. I hope we get another opportunity to play them again. We had our chances to win that game and weren’t able to execute when it mattered most,” said Coach Wyatt Mason. “I really liked how strong we came out going up 15 to 0, but I feel like we took our foot off the gas and weren’t able to get things going again in the second half. The nice thing is that the mistakes that were made in this game are all things that we can fix! We did lose Kayden Johnson to a broken arm in the game, so we wish the best for him and hope that he gets better soon! We have one more home game this week before we go on the road for 2 weeks. We plan on getting back on track vs Enterprise at home!”

              Passing Kannin Boswell was 2/12 for 22 yards, and Frischknecht was 7-9 for a total of 43 yards.  The Wolves had 145 yards total rushing with Frischknecht earning 56 of them and Boswell 55.  Snyder added 14, Breken Mason 11, Tyler Foote 8, and Kyson Bosshardt 1.

              Cauy Williams led the team in receiving yards with 34, Senior Deagan Brazell had 13, Boswell 10, and Frischknecht 8.

              Defensively Aaron Gale led with 13 tackles for the game, Boswell had 12, Snyder 7, Brazell 5, Drexton Olsen 4, Clayton Duckworth, Guy Huntsman, and Breken Mason each 3, Blaine Anderson 2, and Kayden Johnson and Kyson Bosshardt each 1.

              Brazell earned 1.5 sacks for a total of 21 yards lost, Gale 1 and Williams, Snyder and Duckworth each credited with a half. Huntsman deflected 2 passes and both Bosshardt and Boswell made an interception

              Wolf kicker Keaton Peterson, arguably one of the best in 1A, kicked 9 punts for a total of 301 yards and earned 1 PAT.

              This week the team will host Enterprise Friday night then they travel to Parowan on October 1.

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Lora Fielding

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