As local school children were leaving school last Thursday, October 21 for fall break, a code red alert was issued to the Salina area surrounding the elementary and middle schools as a fugitive had escaped police custody.

              According to Salina Police Chief Al Taylor, a couple weeks ago their department had received a heads up from Sanpete area law enforcement telling them a fugitive may be hiding in the Salina area; a woman having four pretty large warrants out for her arrest.      

              While attending to an unrelated domestic violence call near the school area Thursday afternoon, Taylor recognized the fugitive and alerted fellow officers of her location while he was finishing his situation.  As officers approached her and began instigating her arrest, the fugitive began hyperventilating and went into the bathroom to throw up.  EMS was called to the scene, and while officers were coordinating with them, she slipped out the bathroom window and evaded arrest. 

              “I don’t think there was a threat to the public, but we did want to alert the citizens as to why there was a police presence in the area, especially as the kids were leaving school for the day,” said Taylor.

              Friday the fugitive was apprehended by Taylor and again began hyperventilating and “doing the same stuff” but was taken into custody without further incident.

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Lora Fielding

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