Four Legged Giving Tree

 Fullmer Menagerie Animal Rescue is known for helping all the animals they can- not just dogs and cats! The menagerie has horses, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, peacocks, chickens, geese, bunnies, turtles, birds and more. New this year at the menagerie is a giving tree designed to help the four-legged family members.              “There are all kinds of resources for people to get help this time of year, but none for the four-legged family members,” said Katrina Peterson, office manager. “Our giving tree is for dog food, cat food, kitty litter, and other items to help the pets of people that have landed on hard times. They can’t help it if their owners get sick or lose their jobs.”

              Their goal is to help not just the animals they have in their charge but animals in families within our community.  Working with local Veterinarian Daniel Johnson, the menagerie will help identify homebound pet owners who could use the assistance.

              More information can be found on their website at where there are links with Venmo and other donation options. 

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Lora Fielding

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