Fishlake’s Muddy Trails

The snow this year is amazing! We just came off one of the worst drought decades to suddenly be faced with one of the highest recorded snow packs in 50 years. Though we are so thankful to have all the extra water, I am concerned about the amount of runoff and mud that could become an issue. I know many of us are all dealing with cabin fever to one degree or another and I too can’t wait to get back out on the mountain. However, I must plead with you to let the roads and trails dry out before heading out. One of the many reasons our forest is so loved is the access we have to over 3,000 miles of motorized trails. These trails take a lot of your money to maintain and protect. If you run your machines on soft mud, it will create ruts. We simply do not have the manpower or the equipment to re-groom every road and trail come summertime. If the trails get ruined before they are dry, they may stay that way until next year when we can revise our plans. We need your help to remind your friends not to try to maneuver around closed gates just to get back on a trail that may look dry. We have the gates closed because somewhere along the trail it is still dangerous or not ridable yet. We will open the roads and the campgrounds as soon as they are safe and dried out. This might take a while and your patience is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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