Community Partnerships: Fishlake National Forest receives Paiute Trail Hall of Fame Honor

Richfield, Utah— Fishlake National Forest Motorized Trail Program Manager, Bryan Carter, was inducted into the Paiute Trail Hall of Fame during a banquet hosted by the Paiute Trail Committee in Richfield, Utah, Sept. 17. Carter, who has held the position since 2006, was recognized for his exceptional management of the area’s motorized trail systems and his ongoing support to local communities and motorized trail enthusiasts.

“Bryan is a master at finding money,” said Max Reid, Friends of the Paiute Trail Committee board member, while presenting the award during the banquet. “A lot of people call him ‘Mr. Grant Man,’ and over his tenure, he’s helped raise millions of dollars in grant money to the Paiute system. Those millions of dollars have gone to support improve and maintain the infrastructure on the trail. From signs to cattle guards and tables, Bryan has his fingerprints on it.”

The Paiute Trail is a world-class destination for off-highway explorers that connects a vast network of dirt roads and motorized trails looping in and out of the mountains of central Utah, including the Gooseberry and Great Western Trail systems. The expansive trails span roughly 3,000 miles and weave through four Utah counties, reservation land for the Paiute Tribe of Utah, and 18 towns. The Paiute Trail system hosts roughly 180,000 visitors each year.

Like the trails he maintains, Carter has united local communities and those who love the area’s motorized trails.  

“I’ve worked really hard on building partnerships over the years in order to better care for the trail,” Carter said. “I’ve attended a lot of meetings with city officials, community members, and local off-highway vehicle clubs. I’ve talked to a lot of people, and I’ve also listened and brought a lot of good ideas back to the Forest Service.”

Carter provided guidance to the Paiute Trail Committee on how to become a non-profit organization and showed them how to apply for a wide range of state grants to fund improvements to the trail. 

Carter’s efforts are a testament to the value of Forest Service partnerships with local communities. Motorized vehicle recreation in the Fishlake National Forest resulted in an economic impact of about $32 million dollars last year, according to a recent visitor data analysis conducted by the Forest Service in cooperation with the Paiute Trail Committee.

“Membership in the hall of fame is limited to a very small number of individuals who have played important roles in establishing, promoting, and defending the Paiute Trail system,” said Dan Child, Public Services Staff Officer for the Fishlake National Forest. “This [award] reflects Bryan’s many years of tireless work to champion and care for our trails.”


Photo Captions

Photo 1: Bryan Carter, Fishlake National Forest Motorized Trail Program Manager, poses with the Paiute Trail Hall of Fame award plaque that he received during a Friends of the Paiute Trail Committee in Richfield Utah, Sept. 17. Carter was inducted in the Paiute Trail Hall of Fame for his exceptional efforts in managing, maintaining, and improve the trail since 2006. (Courtesy photo)

Photo 2: Bryan Carter, Fishlake National Forest Motorized Trail Program Manager, works to help construct a bridge on Paiute Side Trail 89 with crew members, Dusty Hunt and Jon Jensen. (Courtesy photo)

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