Colby Retires

              At the Salina City Council meeting held Wednesday, November 10, 2021 Steve Colby, lifelong resident of Salina City, was honored by Salina City upon his requirement and was thanked for his service.

              “Steve Colby has worked for Salina for the past 9 years,” said Mayor Jed Maxwell. “Steve is one of the hardest working guys you will ever meet. Steve did as much work in his 3 day a week shifts as most could do in a week. Steve has been an amazing asset to Salina City and will be truly missed. His shoes will be hard to fill, and I just appreciate Steve and all the work he did to keep Salina in great shape. Steve mowed all the lawns and took amazing pride in the Salina Park, always keeping the appearance looking great while helping with several other tasks and he always did it to the best of his capabilities and was always happy to do it. I would like to Congratulate Steve on his retirement and wish him the best.”

              After his retirement several years ago from Wheelers, Steve was hired as a part time member of the maintenance team, and he said he enjoyed helping and loved serving- basically performing community service that he got paid for! Now fully retired, he plans to golf, hunt, fish, and play!

Also at the meeting Salina City Mayor and Council heard briefly from Malcolm Nash, Sevier County Economic Development, on the Collier’s Marketing Study, as well as from Engineer Mario Gonzales, Sunrise Engineering, on a UDOT grant which, if acquired, would assist in funding the city’s General Master Plan.

              The council approved the Construction Standard Plan, which the Planning and Zoning Commission has been working on; the plan is available within the city ordinances (both available on the city’s website and at the city offices) to set forth basic requirements for contractors and those engaging in new construction within the city.

               Prior to the regularly scheduled council meeting, Salina City held a public hearing to discuss the city’s intent to pursue ad CDBG grant.  The purpose of the hearing was to provide citizens with pertinent information about the Community Development grant program and to allow for discussion of possible applications for the 2022 funding cycle.  It was explained that the grant money must be spent on projects benefiting primarily low- and moderate-income people.  The Six County area, of which Salina City is a part of, could be eligible for $850,000 for various projects.  Eligible projects could include construction of public works and facilities (water/sewer lines), fire department needs, food banks, homeless shelters, etc. 

Salina City is currently not aware of any previous funding from CDBG and has handed out its capital investment plan as part of the regional consolidated plan.  This list shows which projects the city has identified as being needed in the community but will potentially be seeking funds for equipment for the new Salina City Park.

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Lora Fielding

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