Changes made on Stake level

              At an LDS Stake Conference for the Salina, Utah Stake held Sunday, August 8, several stake organizational changes took place.  Released from the Stake High Council were Ryan Roper and Blake Butler, and Zak Cowan and Newell Hales were both presented for a sustaining vote as new members of the council. In addition, a new stake young women’s presidency was called: Mindy Bosshardt as President, Heather Bosh first counselor, Shalene Wasden second counselor, and Candice Torgerson secretary.  The new young men’s presidency which was called is Daniel Johnson as president, James Gates first counselor, Kyle Rosequist second counselor, and Zak Rucker as secretary.  Those sustained and/or ratified as elders include Tate Gurney, Marshall Okerlund, Ikieka Ogden, Kelton Bastian, Kelby Bosh, Brody Butler, Ryan Coates, and William Holt.

              Joshua Wasden opened the Sunday morning meeting by introducing the theme: Love, Share, and Invite. He said he doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that love comes first because scriptures command us to love God and our neighbors, and things that are commanded in the scriptures are things we can do. 

              “We are commanded to love God with everything that we have and in everything we do and say, and I believe we do that by loving and serving our neighbors,” said Wasden. “Love should be the reason for all we say and do.  Our Savior’s life was committed to service, and I think that’s the way to love.”

              Other speakers included Larry Crane, mission leader, who also emphasized the need to love our neighbors and share what we have, as well as the necessity of withholding judgement and treating others like family.

              President and Sister Dennis and Teresa Sperry spoke of their experiences in the Manti LDS Temple and urged attendees to make frequent temple attendance a pattern and practice in their lives.

              Lewis and Darlene Kjar, Aurora, serving in the Brisbane, Australia Mission were linked through technology to speak to the audience and tell of their experiences, as were Tim and Doris Bastian, serving in the Adam-ondi-Ahman mission and Lajuana Bastian who currently lives in the Monroe Assisted Living Center.

              President Scott Wilkins was the concluding speaker in the conference and urged honest, diligent effort to live with a sincere desire to serve God and to strive consistently to do so.

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Lora Fielding

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