45 Years

CONGRATULATIONS TO GAYLAND LARSEN ON ACHIEVING A TRULY AMAZING 45 YEARS OF SERVICE WITH BARNEY TRUCKING!   Gayland Larsen came to work for Barney Trucking on June 19, 1978 in Salina, UT and now 45 years later he is their longest tenured employee! “Drifter” as he is known on the CB Radio and pretty much everywhere else is an amazing employee! He has millions of accident free miles and continues to do a GREAT JOB every day he comes to work!   Thanks to Gayland “Drifter” Larsen for all he has done for Barney Trucking over the years! He claims that he will be the first Barney Trucking employee to hit 50 years and we hope that he is right and look forward to that great event!!!
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